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Why Hard Water Is Such an Issue

Today, we’d like to take a moment to talk about hard water. Hard water is an issue that’s all too common in homes in our area. Although you may have heard of hard water, we’d bet that you don’t know the details or understand the far-reaching effects. We want to make those apparent today.

Our plumbers in Bellaire, TX are quite knowledgeable. If you’ve got questions, they’ve got answers, demonstrations, and friendly customer service to match. We understand how powerful knowledge is to the consumer. This is why we work our hardest to give you great information. Keep reading below to find out more…

What’s Hard Water?

Hard water is a type of water that’s full of mineral content. Most of the time, the minerals that you’ll encounter in hard water include either calcium or magnesium content.

The water that comes from our municipal water supply contains a natural amount of mineral content. Although most of that mineral content gets washed away alongside your home’s water, some of it falls by the wayside and stays in your home’s pipes. This can cause your fair share of troubles that we’ll get into below…

How Does It Affect Your Home?

Hard water can affect your home in the following ways:

1. Ineffective Water Heater Operation

If you allow a significant amount of hard water to accumulate in your home, then it’s going to result in inefficient operation of several different systems. You might start to notice that your home’s water heater doesn’t heat up fast enough, that it doesn’t keep your water warm, or that it has adverse effects on your comfort. You might notice your skin or hair feeling dehydrated or brittle due to hard water.

2. Shortened Hot Water Heater Lifespan

If you’ve noticed the signs of ineffective water heater problems above, then you’re absolutely hurting the lifespan of your home’s water heater. These systems are supposed to last around 10–15 years, but yours is not going to make it this far without proper care. Start with flushing your hard water system and follow up with a water treatment system.

3. Mineral Buildup

Have you noticed unsightly white crust on your sink spout or the handles of your sink? This is actually one of the side effects of hard water. If you can see this build-up, then it’s a surefire sign that this problem is happening in your pipes too.

4. Low Water Pressure

Do you feel like someone is pouring a trickle of water over you when you’re in the shower? Is there barely any water flowing over your hands when you wash them? You have low water pressure, and it might be the side effect of hard water.

5. Tarnished Dishes

You take your dishes out of the dishwasher and they’re spotted and tarnished. You’ve switched from classic dishwashing liquid to pods and back again trying to fix the problem. Nothing seems to make it better.

We know that tarnished dishes aren’t exactly a top-ranking issue, but they are something that can get quite old. It isn’t something that you should have to deal with.

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