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Plumbing Services in Sugar Land, TX

A home is a little like a human body, with numerous systems working in conjunction with each other to create a comfortable living environment. Few of those systems are more important than your plumbing, which carries fresh water into your home and wastewater out of it, as well as providing vital appliances like garbage disposals, water heaters, faucets, toilets, and sump pumps in addition to the pipes themselves.

When problems arise with that system, you want someone you can trust as much as you would a doctor or an auto mechanic. Here in Sugar Land, TX, that means the professionals at Doug Turner Plumbing CO.. We’ve been in business since 1987, and our trained staff can handle anything from a leaking pipe to a sump pump replacement. For installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement services, trust our team to provide services you can depend upon! Give us a call today to schedule plumbing services in Sugar Land, TX and the surrounding area.

From Plumbing Installation to Repair & Maintenance Services

A plumbing problem means more than just repairing leaks or unclogging drains. It can mean something like installing an emergency shut–off valve, handling a burst pipe in the winter, fixing a garbage disposal, or replacing a faucet with something more in keeping with your current aesthetics. We can handle it all—installation, replacement, repair and maintenance—and our team services homes throughout the Sugar Land area!

New Plumbing Installation in Sugar Land, TX

Good plumbing starts when the building is first erected, when quality plumbing contractors can install the right system for the job. With our plumbers on call, you can rely not only on a timely installation that sticks to budget, but a company who will work with the rest of your team to ensure that the plumbing system is exactly what you need. We also handle components such as sump pump installation, toilets and fixtures for your new building.

At Doug Turner Plumbing CO., we handle installation projects including:

Call for Sugar Land, TX Plumbing Repair Services

There’s no doubt that your plumbing system is important. Whether your Sugar Land plumbing has sprung a leak or you are experiencing a clog, we have the tools and expertise to have your plumbing up and running in no time. Give us a call right away for plumbing repair services in Sugar Land, TX and the surrounding area. We offer a number of plumbing repair services including:

Faucets and Fixtures Are a Snap

One key aspect of your plumbing system is the outlets: faucets, toilets, and similar fixtures where the water emerges for your use. There are a number of reasons to change or repair those fixtures. Sometimes, there’s a problem that needs correcting. Other times, you’re just sick of the way it looks and want to replace it with something more in keeping with the surrounding space. Either way, we’re on call to take care of it, no matter where you live in the Sugar Land area!

Sump Pump Services

Sump pumps are placed in the lowest spot in your home. When floodwaters enter, they activate and remove the water safely and cleanly: preventing further water damage to your home. Considering the frequent rain we encounter in Sugar Land, it’s a good investment in your property. We specialize in sump pump installation, sump pump repair, sump pump maintenance, and sump pump replacement services, so call us today!

Let Us Take Care of Plumbing Appliances

Plumbing is more than just burst pipes or leaking pipes. It also involves appliances like the garbage disposal, emergency shut–off valves and much more. Whether you need an appliance installed or have an existing one that requires professional repairs, your plumbing appliance needs a team of plumbers like ours to handle the operation the right way. Call us and we’ll be on the job right away.

Schedule a Sugar Land, TX Plumber

Whether you are looking to install a new plumbing system or appliance or need emergency repair services, our Sugar Land plumbers are at the ready. Simply give us a call to schedule plumbing services in Sugar Land, TX and the surrounding area. We’ll help you find the best service to match your needs.