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Carey S.

I have used Doug Turner Plumbing Co. on several occasions. The most recent experience was to fix a leak under my sink. They have also fixed the pipes that have started to leak in the yard. Both of those times they came out in a timely basis and worked to get the problems fixed.

When they came out for the most recent leak in the yard it was during the night. The technician suggested that we turn the water off and wait until the morning so that I would be charged standard prices instead of overnight prices. We did that, and he came again in the morning. He worked to save me money rather than digging all night.

I have used them for about 6 or 7 years. After I first used them I went to my grandson's little league baseball game and, of all things, Doug Turner Plumbing was sponsoring them! They will come out, do a good job for the price, and you can trust them to stand behind their work.

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Aurora Andrade, 3+ years ago

This company has so much going for them! They respond quickly, are super nice and do a great job. Just recommended them to my son!

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Luis Mota, 3+ years ago
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William, 3+ years ago

It is hard to find professional, punctual companies these days. I called Doug Turner Plumbing around midnight to report an urgent issue. As expected, emergency rates were a bit high so I opted to have them come out the next day. As promised, I received a phone call around 7:30am the next morning and had a professional plumber at the residence by 8:30am. Extremely professional and punctual. If you need a plumber in Houston, do not call anyone else. These guys are incredible and deserve praise. Way to go, Doug Turner!!!

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Raj K, 3+ years ago

good job